Day 26~ Matt. 28 & Mark 1

At the time I made the reading schedule it made sense why I skipped a proverb day and put Matt & Mark together.  But today I’m like, “Why did I do that?” Hahaha
Therefore, today we read about the ‘great commission' and then move straight back to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  In a way, the reading order, illustrates that the story of Jesus never ends! 😃

Just a reminder about Mark.  He was not an eyewitness to Jesus.  Think of him as Peter’s secretary.  He wrote everything he heard from Peter’s teachings (this according to Biblical historians).  So, the book of Mark could very well have been titled “Peter’s Perspective”.

It’s kind’a funny reading the beginning of Mark with the frame of mind that it’s from Peter.  We get a super quick overview of John baptizing Jesus & Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, probably because Peter wasn’t there.  He didn’t elaborate on the details since they would have been second hand for him. But then, the narrative gets way more detailed when Peter is on the scene!  Using details such as where (Sea of Galilee) and who (brothers; Sons of Zebedee), we see Peter knows the scene well! 
We can practically hear him say, “He saw me” (Simon, vs. 16), “And I (Simon) searched for him.” (1:36)
As funny as it is to see the obvious extra details of Peter’s narrative when it involves him, it’s also very encouraging.  It acts as evidence that this isn’t just a made up story, but a first hand account, from Peter, as he remembers it.

How fun it will be, reading Mark the next couple weeks, keeping in mind that it’s Peter’s perspective.  What a great person to hear from since he was in the “inner circle” of the 12 disciples!


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