Day 23~ Matt. 25 & Prov. 22

The fifth and final discourse (see Day 1) found in Matthew answers the question, “How will human history end?” (Chs. 24-25)  These two chapters are a summary of a private conversation Jesus was having with his disciples (24:3), maybe just the 12 or maybe a few more, since Matthias and Justus were around the whole time (Acts 1:21).

How uncomfortable Judas must have been feeling!  Hearing he needed to stay alert and ready for an undefined amount of time, all while investing his talents for God and caring for the unfortunate, must have thrown him for a loop.  It must have been confusing for him because he thought the political reign of Jesus was immanent.  Judas was there with the whole group,…. hearing what would happen to those who didn’t follow Jesus..…..yet, I think, at some point, he stopped listening… He didn’t hear that part….😞

We can learn some valuable lessons from Judas.  One thing is, don’t let confusion get in the way of obedience. Still seek clarity…but obey while you are seeking…Otherwise, it doesn’t end well (Matt. 25:46). 😳


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