Day 87~ Rev 17-19

“I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.” (17:6)

Right there….pre-Christians should really consider if they want to become a Christ follower….one literally puts their life on the line when doing so. We Christians in the US can’t really imagine that, yet….but it will get there! 

She (the woman) is actually a great city that rules over the kings of the earth.  So, this ‘great power’ hated Christians so much, that they were being killed in such great number, she appeared drunk on their blood. 😳

Did you catch that this power ruled over all the peoples, multitudes, nations and languages (vs. 15)? Sounds like a ‘one world power’, doesn’t it?  Side note: then an 8th king will rise up & hate her (vs. 16).  It’s not surprising that evil hates evil, but it’s interesting don’t you think?  The ‘one world’ power will be destroyed by a different evil entity.  

Anyway, back to the woman…to me she sounds like a successful form of capitalism.  “Merchants grew rich” (18:3), there was a lot of importing and exporting going on (18:12-13).  Life was pretty good during that era.  There was music playing (18:22), workers were making a good living (vs.22) & people were getting married (vs. 23).  Those are all things that indicate prosperity, stable economy, and a mind at ease.  It sounds like 1st world countries these days on a good year, doesn’t it?  So, what was the problem?……She hated Christians and everything they stood for! (18:24). 

In other words, you could not hold to Christian principles and beliefs without being persecuted for it and even killed. (Still…sounds like countries these days.)  If you listen to the news on TV or internet, it’s not too hard to see the entire world is heading to be just as John described this scene.
“For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries.” (18:3).  People today are craving materialistic things and hate for Christianity is growing.  😬

I love, love, love that a voice from heaven called for the Christians (who hadn’t been killed yet) to come out of her before the punishment begins! (18:4) Whew! 


Rapster J said…
Hmm, new term for me "pre-Christian".
I recently learned how simple it can be to share Christ with others. Everyone who chooses to follow Jesus has a testimony. For a lot of us, considering to share Christ can feel intimidating. But, it can be very simple.
You only need to talk about three points:

1. What was your life like before Christ? (pre-Christ)
2. How did you meet Christ?
3. How has your life changed since coming to Christ?
That’s your testimony. A great format to follow and no one can argue your story.

I used "pre- Christian" because of that testimony format and what Jesus said in Luke 14:25-34 as he was talking to a large crowd. Comparing being a disciple of His to one who is going to build a tower, he says, ”Won't you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?" and again when comparing to a king, who would consider going to war with a certain amount of soldiers, “Won’t he first sit down and consider if he is able..?”
People deciding to become disciples of Christ (pre- Christian) need to consider the cost. When some consider it, like the rich young man who wanted to follow Jesus (Matt. 19:22), they may decide not to follow, turn and walk away. Others who dive into the commitment, have considered the cost. They are like the man who sold everything he had to buy a field (Matt.13:44) since he knew what was in the field.

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