Day 86~ Rev 13-16~ 666?

It’s kind’a funny how I, being an American, with my English language, can read this section of scripture and not have a clue what it means.  How can I use wisdom and be the person “who has insight to calculate the number of the beast” (13:18)?  The problem is, I took Spanish as a second language in high school instead of Hebrew or Greek.  

If I had taken one of those languages, I would know that the letters of their alphabet can also be used for numbers!  The first letter of their alphabet can represent the number “one”, the second letter is “two” and so on.  With this system the letters of a name are changed to numbers, and the numbers are then added to arrive at a total. 

I wonder how many Christians throughout  history have calculated the names of evil people to see if that person was going to be the prophesied “beast”. I know some did this at the time John wrote this book.  Nero Caesar- a very evil emperor in AD 54, killed a lot of Christians.  His name, just using the consonants- NRWN QSR (different language than ours) total up to 666.  This inscription was found in a manuscript dated during that time (55AD), found 15 miles south of Jerusalem.  So, people back then were trying to figure it out. He wasn’t the predicted beast of John’s book, but he was a horrible beast in his own right!  So, now were are left to do some calculating of our own when the time comes…..😬 (that is, if you want to be one with wisdom and insight).


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