Day 84~ Rev 7-9~ Meteriorite?

The rest of mankind who were not killed by those plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands;…” (9:20).

Still did not repent…..they sound stubborn don’t they?  However, I want to propose something.  I think these ‘end time’ people are the same as people today.  As we read of the events in Revelation, we get the behind the scene insight that the events are caused by supernatural forces.  Angels hold back the winds (7:1), angels open the Abyss (9:1) and demons inflicting pain (9:5).  We get to see the spiritual battle going on around these humans still on the Earth.  But the people don’t see the obvious spiritual warfare, just as we don’t see it today. 

I wrote a post one time that said I think the old saying, “Seeing is Believing” is wrong.  In reality it is “Believing is Seeing”.  When you believe in Christ, your eyes are opened to see the spiritual battle that is waged against you.  When you don’t believe, you chalk  plagues and such, up to natural causes.  I am sure when the time comes, these people in the future (and maybe not so distant future) will say the “huge mountain, all ablaze” (8:8) was just a large meteorite that got caught in the Earth’s atmosphere.  “Tragically it killed a lot of people- but that’s just the consequence of a natural event”.  The same goes for the “great star, blazing like a torch” (8:10).  

I can hear the news anchor now, “Astronomers say a supernova has projected new debris that has entered our solar system.  These two tragic events on our planet are due to a stream of meters now being drawn by the Sun’s gravitational pull, into our orbit.  Schools are being advised to practice “meteorite drills”.  The President is purposing a massive project of building bunkers at each school site in the country. However, there is controversy in the legislature as to the cost and effectiveness of bunkers.  The President has a 90% approval rate due to his proactive approach in dealing with the devastation caused by these last two events.  He would like to see the building begin immediately, yet, due to the massive drop in the country’s population, there is a short fall in available contractors.”

Some, at this time, will think, “Wait a minute!  These events were predicted in some ancient writing my grandma used to read….maybe God is doing this!”  I think these ones (like people today) have a good chance of finding truth.  Others who want to stay in their rebellion (as some do today) will insist it’s ridiculous to attribute these natural events to something supernatural.  These one’s will miss out again on their chance to see truth and repent.  Doesn’t that sound like people today?  It reminds me of what the writer of Ecclesiastes said in 935 BC (nearly 3000 years ago), “What has been done will be done again; There is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecc. 1:9)

People were the same 3000 years ago, as they are today, as they will be tomorrow- stubborn or open hearted to God.   Fortunately, Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb. 13:8), ready to forgive at any moment, if people repent. 


Rapster J said…
Amen. I need to remember that there is a "remnant" a whole new generation of believers, despite the dire news and surveys. God will not give up on His project until it's complete.
Love that comment; "despite the dire news"......Could it be...."fake news" ?😉

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