Day 83~ Rev 4-6

“I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside,” (Rev 5:4)
Why did John cry?  I ask myself that every time I read this! How did he know to weep?  After all, he is new to the scene, just having walked through the door of heaven (4:1).  You would think that he would be so taken with the sights around him that he wouldn’t be able to think straight!  Yet, his purpose for walking through that door was to see “what must take place after this.” (4:1)  So, his whole purpose for being there was not going to come to fruition because no one was found worthy to open the scroll.  

But, again, why would John cry over that? My commentary gave me some insight as to why John would cry.  
“In the ancient Near East, a royal official would inscribe the king’s will onto a scroll.  the king would seal the scroll with a ring pressed into wax.  The seal would remain bound until it was unsealed and read by the properly designated royal official.  Then the king’s will could be carried out in the kingdom.  John used the scroll metaphor to depict the unfolding of the will of God on earth.  Without a properly authorized person to open the scroll, God’s will remained merely inscribed in the scroll.”
And here we come to the reason why John would cry… “Unchecked by the divine will, injustice could continue to reign upon the earth.”
John wept and wept because of his despair due to the injustice that surrounded him.  After all, he was in prison for his faith (1:9) and his fellow Christians were being killed for their faith (2:10). 
Without getting that document open, evil would continue to prevail on Earth.  I can see now why John was crying! Can you imagine our evil world continuing on without the hope we have in Christ?!  Murder, envy, strife, deceit would continue unchecked.
But, if the document is opened by the correct “royal official”, the King’s will could be carried out.  And, we know what the King’s will is because we know the “King above All Kings” is good, just, fair and righteous (Psalm 25:8, Prov. 11:1, Isaiah 61:8, Deut. 32:4, Col. 3:25, and Rom. 12:19~ to name a few verses!).

As hard as it is to read the judgement that comes on the Earth is God’s will, we know that it ultimately leads to a new, purified, glorious creation~ all thanks to the Lamb!


Rapster J said…
Wow! That's such interesting insight!
You gotta love commentaries that help make sense of unusual verses! ☺️

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