Day 82~ Rev 1-3

The group of people in the Thyatira church sound very similar to churches today.  They were not all “like minded”.
Some, were doing it right; they had love, faith, service and perseverance.  This outward demonstration of commitment to Jesus not only was theirs from the beginning of their faith, but it was growing as time went on (2:19). 

Yet, some in that church weren't living like that.  Maybe they had the mentality that many Christians have today, “I can’t judge others”.  However, Jesus held that against them!  He doesn’t like Christians being tolerant to sin in the church (2:20).  Being tolerant to sin leads to falling for “her teaching” and getting sucked into “Satan’s so-called deep secrets” (2:24)
I thought the wording Jesus chose was interesting when he said to those who were doing things right, “I will not impose any other burden on you…” (They already had faith, love, serving and perseverance.) “…except hold on to what you have until I come.” (2:25)

I think for some, it can be a burden to “hold on”.  Staying in fellowship with other believers, reading the Bible to get your spiritual food for the day and sharing your faith with others, can feel like a burden at times.  That is because there is a spiritual battle all around you! Satan is working hard to get you to feel burdened! (Eph. 6:12).  Knowing it’s a spiritual battle, we have to use spiritual weapons to combat him.  Praying will get through each burdensome moment. (Prov. 15:29).  Being in fellowship gives us the opportunity to remind each other that we have the greatest advantage in this spiritual battle (John 14:26).
A popular saying these days on the internet is, “You have one job” (It’s usually the caption to a funny picture of where the person failed at their one job.) 
I want to encourage you not to fail at your one job,  “hold on to what you have” until you die or until Jesus returns.


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