Day 76~ Heb 1-3

“We must pay careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.” (2:1)

We are a water skiing family. If it is real hot at the river, we may need to take a break from pulling a skier so that we can all cool off.  We get on our lifejackets, grab a cool drink and hop into the cool, clear water.  We usually go with friends, so we take this time to chat with people from other boats.  Eventually someone may call out, “The boat is getting near the rocks!”  That usually gets one of us to swim quickly to the boat and bring it back. We, or the boat, had drifted!
What I know from this analogy about drifting is that it is a quite, subtle process that happens without you noticing.

I can’t help but think of another example of drifting.  I have two very different children. They both were, and are, curious kids. One will go explore without thinking of what she is drifting away from, and the other will not.  The first, when we are in a crowd, will see something sparkly and feel she needs to investigate.  She doesn’t have a thought about the crowd and I am sure she thinks that if she sees it, we all see it and have stopped with her and are going with her.  Little does she realize, that is not the case..we keep walking while she drifts away into the crowd with her eyes focused on the sparkly thing.  (Fortunately, we have found her every time she has done this! Whew!)
The other child is completely different.  In the crowd, before he sees anything that can divert his attention, he looks at me and says something like, “Keep your eyes on me Mommy” (which has made me smile every time). I always need to assure him that I am watching him. If he sees something sparkly that catches his eye, he slides his hand in mine and takes me with him to see the item. That little one has a fear of getting lost! He will not let it happen! 

I think we all have the tendency to be like the first child.  Our attention gets diverted and off we go.  What the writer in the verse above is saying is that we need to take note of how the second child does it…“pay careful attention..not to drift away”.  Look to the Lord and say, “Please don’t take your eyes off me” (Which he promises he won’t- Heb.13:5), and take Him with us when we are investigating other things.  

I like how other verses in our reading continued with this thought..

“fix your thoughts on Jesus…”(3:1)

Like holding the hand of Jesus…"hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory.” (3:6)

Don’t be like some who, “Their hearts are always going astray….So, they shall never enter my rest.” (3:11)


John Talstad said…
ahh... what cute kids....
Rapster J said…
So easy to stray, my heart is prone to wander after sparkly things rather than the things of the Lord.
Those sparkly things can be so enticing! But, as you keep reading His word, you are keeping your hand in his! No worries then!!😊
Yes, they are! 😊 You can learn a lot from children. Maybe that is why Jesus said to be like them!
(Matt. 18:3)

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