Day 65~ Acts 24-26

Recently, before leaving on a “mission trip”, the leader of our group spent a bit of time teaching us how to share our testimony.  It was very simple.  He wanted us to share:
  1. What was your life before Christ?
  2. How did you meet Christ?
  3. How was your life changed after accepting Christ as your Savior?
With this method of sharing Christ, the missionary we visited had planted 7,000 churches!!!

In today’s reading I see where our leader got these three points.  It was the method Paul used!  As he began his defense to King Agrippa, he started with describing his life before Christ; a zealous Pharisee (26:4-12).  Then he explained how he met Christ (26:12-16).  Verse 26:16 sums up how his life changed after receiving Christ. “I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen and will see of me.”

That templet takes the stress out of sharing Jesus with others.  You don’t need a graduate degree in theology before you can speak.  All you need is your own story.  No one can argue with your personal story.  It’s simple and effective!


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