Day 5~ Jn 2-4, Mk 2

Four chapters today!  You can do it!!!  Break it up if needed , 2 in the am, 2 in the pm..

I noticed a little detail in today’s reading that I never really caught before.  Jesus’ s brothers saw his “first miracle”.  The miracle of turning the water to wine at the wedding got his disciples to put their faith in Jesus, but his brothers….not so much (John 7:5 says they didn’t believe).
I am assuming the brothers were at the wedding, since the following verse says the were still with him when they all went down to Capernaum for a few days (John 2:12).

If you think about it, these brothers of Jesus were the first to grow up in a “Christian home” and not believe what the parents taught them.  I guarantee Mary shared her story with her kids!  I can imagine how the conversation started!  “Mom, do you believe in God?”,  “Oh yes! I have even had an encounter with an angel!  So has your dad!”

It’s the same today for Christian families.  You can have a devout set of parents, but the child just doesn’t buy it.  Parents can do the best they can to share their faith, but it is still up to the child to come to a relationship of their own with Jesus.  

Fortunately for the brothers of Jesus, they eventually figured out who their famous brother was.  They even became pillars of the early church (James and Jude= Gal 1:19 & Acts 1:14).  
I bet the scene of water to wine did affect them.  For them it just took a little longer for their hearts to soften than it did for the ones who had already chosen to follow Christ.  It’s easier to see miracles when you already have a belief.  As I’ve said in an earlier blog, the saying should not be “Seeing is believing”; in reality it is “Believing is seeing”. 


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