Day 23~ Mt 19-20; Mk 10; Jn 11

The reading today emphasized the power of Jesus. We see Jesus conducting miracles in the name of God which drew crowds then, and would still draw crowds today despite advancements in technology and medicine. Jesus gave sight to the blind, predicted the future (his impending death), corrected the law of Moses, and even raised a man from the dead after four days of rotting. Amazing!

I have heard many people say that if they saw the miracles that Jesus performed first hand, then they would believe. I too in times of weakness have attempted to “tempt God” into proving his existence to me by demanding a supernatural event occur before my eyes. Why would God not want to solidify his glory upon my command?

When I take a step back, I realize that God’s glory is on display today as clear as it was when Jesus walked the earth and performed miracles of healing. I see this through the beauty and cohesion of nature, through reading the Bible, and through the clear blessings that can be seen by living a Christ centered life as opposed to the baggage that is always associated with sin and defiance against God’s will. (just to name a few)

Therefore, let us not be like the Pharisees, who had front row seats to the revelation of Jesus, acknowledged his actions as miracles, (John 11:47) and yet instead of admitting his glory, plotted to Kill him. 


You summed up how we see evidence of Christ today very well! Amen to that!
One verse stuck out to me and almost made me jealous! “When he had placed his hands on them (the little children), he went on from there. Matt. 19:15. I have always wondered what he said to each individual child, what he said to bless them and what ever happened to each of those kids as they grew up. Can you imagine having Jesus gently place his hand on your head and bless you? I love that! I want that! I can’t wait to have him place his physical hand on me when I get to heaven! However, like you mentioned, Mitch, he shows his evidence now and I do feel like he has placed his spiritual hand on me already. I am blessed!

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