Day 16~ Mt. 17, Mk 9, Lk 9:26-62

A lot happens in today’s reading! Three disciples get to see Jesus in all his glory, a boy gets a demon expelled (one that is only expelled by faith and prayer 😳- Mt17:20 & Mk 9:29, like there is any other way?) and Jesus is trying to get the point across to his disciples that he is not the type of Messiah they were expecting, but a better one! (Matt17:22 & Mk 9:33-37).  
In all the reading, my attention was grabbed by something that seemed almost like a side story, yet I thought filled with some good spiritual insight!

Jesus had just been teaching his disciples that faith, even a small amount, can move mountains, “Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Mt. 17:21).
So, I had to admire James and John’s faith when they asked Jesus, “Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?” (Luke 9:54)
How cute!  They were such good students!  They took Jesus at his word and had complete faith that if they asked, it could happen!  I think that is endearing!

HOWEVER, there is a lesson here.  Yes, if you have faith, you can even call fire down from heaven (Elijah did that in the Old Testament, 1 Kings 18:38).  “Nothing will be impossible”  BUT, what you ask for needs to also be inline with what God wants.

It was not wrong for James and John to ask, but it wasn’t in God’s plan, so the answer was “no”.  At this point, I am sure, another one of Jesus’ recent teachings was coming to their mind, “You should pray….your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6:10). James and John needed to learn that what they ask for in faith needs to be in alignment with God’s will.   

I remember back to when I was a little girl, with my mom tucking me into bed one night, she said, “Always pray ‘If it is your will, Lord, please….’, You don’t want God to do things according to your will but His. His will is so much better!”  

That was good advice from my mom! Maybe the story I read today is where she got that teaching….


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