Day 15~ Mt 16, Mk 8 and Lk 9:18-27

"Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes.” (Mark 8:25)

I have always wondered at why Jesus had to touch this particular blind guy twice before complete healing occurs.  I am confident the maker of the universe, the Son of God, could have done it with one touch.....Why two?

Well, I have my theory…….
Take the case of someone today who needs healing from scars of the past.  Say this person was asked by a friend to go to a church retreat.  The person goes and is “touched by God”.  The person immediately feels release of emotional pain they have been carrying around for years.  They have the classic “mountain top experience”….…then…they go home.  They start to slip back into their old thinking patterns.  This person has not been completely healed and does not have the complete faith that is required to be saved.  They need the second touch!
This person needs to stay with Jesus, talk with Him (like the blind guy did with Jesus) and stay available to be touched again.  Then the person can be “fully restored”.  

I like this story because it shows, true faith may come in stages.  It also shows that Jesus doesn’t leave if doubt exists.  He stays waiting to touch again!

That’s what I get out of the story.  What about you?  Do you have any other theories?


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