Starting a New Reading Plan September 28th!!!!! Join Me!!

Hello Bible Readers!

I will be starting a new reading plan on Thursday, September 28th.  That's in 9 days....

I hope you will consider joining me or tell a friend about it~

The plan is different in a couple ways from what I have been doing.

First, it's two days shorter than the 90 Day plan. That is because I wanted to finish before Christmas Day. 😊🎄  So, consider reading the whole New Testament in 88 Days with me!

Second,  I will be reading in chronological order, meaning, in order of when events occurred.  That is most noticeable as we jump around the gospels, but there are some differences else where among the letters.
I created this plan from using two different chronological outlines.  I tried to minimize the flipping back and forth in one day of reading.  For example, one plan had you flipping to all four gospels in one day.  I tried to minimize the flipping to two books a day while we are in the gospels, but that won't always be the case.  Just keep you finger in one spot while you flip to the other. 😛

The reading is still about three chapters a day.  I would love to have you read a long with me and comment on what stands out to you!

You can find the new reading plan under the "Spiritual Fervor" tab.

Hope you can join me!!


KathyS said…
I failed to keep up last time but I want to try again. I'll mark my calendar.
Muhammad Hassan said…
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