Day 78~ James 4- 1 Peter 1

“But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy because I am holy.” (1:15)
My footnote says, “To be holy is to be set apart- set apart from sin and impurity, and set apart to God.”  
James can’t be referring to just an inward change that no one can see because the writer of Hebrews just got finished telling us, “You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone.” (2:24).
I’m just going to ask a simple question to my fellow readers, ‘cause I would really like to know the answer…
How would one demonstrate being set apart?  How would you appear/or act different from a nonbeliever?  I know the obvious answers, “Don’t do any of the things that would land you in jail or court.”  

But what about a suburbanite, Christian doing yoga next to another suburbanite, non-Christian?  How would you be able to tell one from the other?


Rapster J said…
How someone looks is not any indication, unless you are Amish or Mennonite or some other sect that wears different clothing or hairstyles, beards, etc. Which is why they do that, to be set apart at a glance. But in action, ie. taking time to help a stranger, kind words for everyone, gentleness in conversation, controlling reactions to setbacks (anger, bitterness, etc.). Non-Christians can do some of these things, too, but don't ever give the glory to God in thankfulness (outwardly this would be verbal). Holy habits like praying before a meal, avoiding speaking rudely or crudely, gossiping, whining. Making sure I "make my point" at all costs. In yoga, probably not much difference, except the sticker on my car :) or my cross necklace. Unless it's "holy yoga".
It's true how you said non-Christians can do some of these things too. There motivation is different. Christians are motivated by, "What would please my husband, Jesus?" If we are his bride, united with him, we would want to be doing everything we can to please Him.
I think we easily forget (or Satan distracts us) as to why we act different than others. The "holy habits" are things we know would please him. We know these things please him because they are mentioned in the Bible. It's should be easier for us to keep having godly behavior (verses a non-believer), not because we are following a set of rules, but because we want to please Jesus. Coincidently, the reading for day 79 kept me on this topic...

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