Day 2~ Matt. 1-2, Luke 2

At times, when reading about the Jewish people in the Bible, it seems that many are “spiritually bankrupt”.  Especially the one’s that are supposed to be the leaders of this monotheistic religion; the kings, Pharisees and teachers of the law.  
Yet, in these beginning chapters of the New Testament, it is inspiring to read of lives that were very committed to God and the promise of the coming Messiah, even though there was a “quite period” of 300 years between the Old Testament and Jesus.  Yesterday we heard about Zechariah and Elizabeth, who were “righteous in the sight of God.” (Luke 1:5), and today we read about the steady faith of Simeon  and Anna.  

Simeon was told he wouldn’t die until he got to see the Messiah.  That leads me to believe he was on the older side.  We know Anna was old at 84.  How inspiring to read that these two did not give up on their hope even after years of prayer.  

I want to be like Anna!  What a role model!  She spent her life “worshipping day and night” (Luke 2:37)!  I think Luke mentioned her age and the devotion of these two to show us their example of perseverance in the faith.  We will see, as we continue in our reading, that perseverance is a key trait of a true follower of Christ.  What foreshadowing!  Perseverance paid off for these two; they got to see the Messiah!  Perseverance will pay off for us too!  We will get to see the Messiah face to face as well! 🤗


Jasmine Hadley said…
one thing reading Luke 2 in verse 34&35 when Simon is saying "this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel..." and thinking of how Mary may of felt. Showing that looking forward requires valuing what God has planned over present- day and faith in who God is and His plan!
I like how you worded that, "looking forward requires valuing what God has planned over present day". That's good!

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