Day 1~ Luke 1 & John 1:1-14

Welcome to reading the New Testament in 88 Days!
You are being eased into it slowly, only having to read less than 2 chapters today.  I hope you find that your daily reading becomes the favorite part of your day!  Some days you may not get much out of the reading, other days it may feel like it is speaking straight to you.  I hope you share those moments with me on the blog!

So, I thought I would give you a quick history lesson as we start reading about the time when Jesus came to earth in human form. 🌍 
About 50 years before Jesus is born, Cleopatra is a pharaoh in Egypt.  🇪🇬 She gets disposed of that position, but soon meets Julius Caesar who had come to Egypt in pursuit of an enemy named Pompey.  Caesar ends up marrying Cleopatra and puts her back into power in Egypt.  Due to other battles, Caesar needs to return to Egypt and eventually returns to Rome.  His wife joins him there.  However, the Senate didn’t like some things Caesar was doing so they killed him!  😳 Cleopatra went back to Egypt.  Eventually she meets and marries Mark Antony.  Antony is pretty much in charge of all of Rome after Julius Caesar, except for one other guy who is vying for  power, Octavian.  These two end up in a battle.  Antony loses and kills himself, as does Cleopatra!  This all happens just 30 years before Jesus!  The new guy in charge of all of Rome is Octavian (Augustus Caesar- we read about him tomorrow in Lk. 2).  Around that time, the Roman Senate positioned Herod as the governor of Galilee.  He becomes known as Herod the Great and eventually becomes king of all Judea.  It’s this Herod that orders the death of all male children in Bethlehem who were under the age of 2 (we read about the tomorrow in Mt. 2).  Here ends the history lesson for today! 🤓  

Don’t you think it odd that most people today would accept everything I wrote about Cleopatra as fact, yet when they hear about the history of Jesus they become skeptical and want to toss it into the fiction category?
I am thrilled that you have committed to reading the NT!   Luke worded, so well, my prayer for you as you read, “that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”

Feel free to comment on anything that stood out to you in your reading.  I would love to hear about it!!


mhadley273 said…
I am excited to participate on this Blog!

Certain denominations of christianity often scoff at the praise and adoration that Catholics give to Mary the mother of Jesus. While I would not advocate for putting Mary on the same pedestal as Jesus, this reading made clear that her trust in the lord was immense and that she can be a role model for any christian to strive towards. I hope that if I was called to carry out a task for God, my response would be, "I am a servant of the Lord. . . May it be as you have said." Luke 1:38
Lori said…
Looking forward to this new reading program. This time around I think I will keep a map close to me so I can keep track of their travels!
And just imagine, they walked it all!! I'm sure they were in good shape!

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