Day 5~ Matt. 13-15

As I was reading the parables in chapter 13, I had questions about them, but kept going in the reading. Jesus tells seven parables in a row, all about what "the kingdom of heaven is like". Basically he is saying, the kingdom is very valuable; some will get in and someone won't.😬

So, when Jesus asked, "Have you understood all these things?" (13:51), I literally felt like a student in a classroom ready to blurt out, "Well, actually, no! I have some questions!" But then everyone else in the classroom said "Yes", they understood! I'm looking around the room thinking, "Really? You got all that?"

So, since the majority of the classroom nodded understanding, the teachers goes on, "Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of the house who brings out of the store room new treasures as well as old."(13:52)

Whew, that doesn't apply to me, right? Actually,...Bible scholars feel that, "every teacher of the law" would include us as believers. "A disciple of the kingdom of heaven" (as per Meyer's NT commentary). 

So, what did Jesus mean by "new treasures as well as old"? Most commentaries think it implies more than just the New and Old Testaments that we have today. It includes "The new truths a Christian "scribe" learns, and also old truths that he has long since known." (Pulpit Commentary). 

So, what Jesus is saying is basically, "You, my disciples, now that you are saying you understand what the kingdom of heaven is, share/teach these new things you are learning, as well as the things you already know, with others!"

Lord, please teach me new truths daily, as I read your word, so that I can bring out the perfect treasures at the right time for the person who needs to hear it!


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