Day 31~ John 19-21

God is a God of detail!

God had a song book compiled and put in order about 300 years before Christ. A Psalmist (maybe King David) wrote one of the songs (Psalm 22) to be played to the tune of “The Doe of the Morning” (It must have been a good tune if it was to be used again but with new words! 🎵)   Can you imagine a Temple Priest way back then saying to the band (made up of harps, lyres and lutes) “OK everybody, turn to page 22, we are going to sing that one today during our worship time.”
I’m sure they must have felt like I do at times when I hear a song; “Love the tune, but I don’t understand the words at all!”

So, GOD, in his complete control of the situation (and one who loves detail), planned out ahead of time that Jesus would have a nice enough garment that the soldiers didn’t want to cut up. In order to divide the booty, they gambled for this item. (19:23)

John, witnessed this scene playing out at the foot of the cross.  Can you imagine the surprise on his face when it dawned on him that this scene explained the song that was sung in the temple on occasion?
“Oh!..Wow! The song makes total sense now! Scripture was fulfilled! That happened to Jesus!!”

Today, we have the gift of hind-sight so the fulfilling of Old Testament writings may not be as remarkable to us.  But, for the gospel writers…it was miraculous!!  I’m sure it helped strengthen their faith after Jesus left them to return God. 

It was the Holy Spirit who helped them figure things out. “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16:13)
I would imagine they began to pour over ancient writings to see what else Jesus fulfilled in his 33 years on this planet.  
And with each discovery, they would smile at each other and say, “I remember he did that, do you remember?!”  It’s been said that they found over 300 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled through His  life, death and resurrection!  

And God pre-planned every detail!😊


Rapster J said…
I love that detail about his garment!
That garment, I think has intrigued many people over the centuries. A famous book was written about it, The Robe, by Lloyd Douglass in 1942. 20th Century Fox even made it into a movie in 1953. (I can't imagine Hollywood doing that today!)

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