Day 17 ~ Luke 1-3

"He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David..." (1:69)

I am being honest here, but I never really spent a lot of time pondering "Zechariah's Song". I just always thought that he was super excited to be a father and he got his voice back – so he praised the Lord.

This time through, however, something caught my attention. Luke is very clear to explain that both Zech and Liz are descendants of Aaron, the priestly line (1:5).
Luke also mentioned that Joseph, who Mary is pledged to, is a descendent of David.
This is what I noticed in Zech's song:
He starts with talking about God, who "raised up a horn (symbolizing strength) of salvation for us in the house of his servant David." (1:69)
Zech isn't taking about his son! 

Zech and Liz just had Mary staying with them for three months. You can imagine the dinner conversations between Liz and Mary (Zech couldn't join in on the conversations because he couldn't talk). But he was listening! He heard Mary was a virgin, yet she was pregnant. He heard what the Holy Spirit revealed to Elizabeth,"why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? (1:43)
As a result of what he witnessed and believed, his "song" was ALL about Jesus in the first eight and last two verses. We know he's talking about Jesus because his own child would be from the house of Aaron , not David, as he said in 1:64.
After first focusing on Christ and giving God glory, he then turned his attention to his own little baby, "And you, my child, will be called a prophet..." (1:76). 
Zech had his priorities straight as soon as he opened his mouth; Christ first and everything else (even one's own child) after that. THEN, Zech goes back to talking about Christ!
What a remarkable man! He really had a love for the Lord.  He observed all the Lord's commands out of love for him (1:6).
God picked the right parents to raise John! God knew Zech & Liz would obey 1:5 and teach him the same love and devotion to their Lord! 
I want to be a parent like that!!


Unknown said…
I loved how the angel told Zechariah that his son would be filled with the Holy Spirit even from wonder John leaped in Elizabeth's womb when Mary entered carrying Jesus in her womb! I also found it so interesting that it says Jesus grew in strength and wisdom as he was maturing. My commentary says that although Jesus was God, there is no indication that that he had all knowledge and wisdom from birth. It seems God gave him exactly what he needed every step of the way as he was confined to his earthly body for His purpose of salvation.
Unknown said…
Hi Anita! I am loving doing these readings with you and thank you for helping me with my struggle to be with Him daily. I enjoyed reading about Elizabeth and Mary and their pregnancies again, and how they were both women of such great faith. I've been writing down verses that stand out to me from each day, hoping it helps me remember them and where they are in the Bible more readily. I love hearing what stands out to you and others too. From today was this: Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished. I pray that will be me always!
Yes, it is really interesting to think about how much Jesus, the boy, knew in regards to who he was. One thing we do know, is that by age 12, he knew he had to be in his Father's house. (Luke 2:49), and people were already amazed at his "understanding and his answers" (2:47).
Can you imagine the parenting styles Mary had to do between Jesus and her subsequent children? I bet she had to bite her tongue a lot to not say, "Why can't you be more like your brother!" 😜
Hey Erin!! I'm so glad you are reading with me!!!
It's funny you mentioned Luke 1:45. That verse stood out to me as well! The way Elizabeth worded it makes it sound like we (all women) can learn from it. "Blessed is she who believes..."
just like you said, Erin, I want to always believe and trust in my Savior!

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