Day 52~ 1 Cor. 13-15

What are your thoughts on spiritual gifts and women speaking in the church?

These topics can make for some interesting discussions!  Thank goodness I have my commentary that helps me process a little of what I am reading!  For example, 14:34, “women should remain silent in the churches”, can be a very upsetting verse for an opinionated woman such as myself! hahaha

However, again, I am reminded to always read scripture in context!  My commentary reminded me of what was said earlier in chapter 11.  “Paul does not altogether forbid women to speak in church (11:5).  What he is forbidding is the disorderly speaking indicated in these verse.” Oh, yeah!  Chapter 11 did talk about women praying and prophesying in the church body.  This is another example of how good it is to read straight through a letter (like our 90 day plan) to get the full thoughts of the writer!  

On another note, a verse that stuck out to me in reading chapter 15 was, verse 2, “By the gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you.  Otherwise, you have believed in vain.”

What do you think of the word “if” ???😳


Rapster J said…
About a year ago I was reading Ch 13 and was so struck that we can have all these spiritual gifts, tongues, prophesy, giving, even faith! but they are nothing without love. So, I am continuing to ask God to build that love in me!
Keri Sukut said…
I highlighted the same verse in chapter 15. I think to "hold firmly" or "hold fast" means to absorb, internalize, live out God's word. After many years of study I am understanding better that obedience is the true evidence of saving faith. Head knowledge/belief is not the same as faith and trust - even Satan and his armies have that. Belief must lead us to a true and deep love for God - a transformation of our heart and soul. Only when we become a new creation in Christ do our desires and behavior change - and we live differently than before because we are very different.
Unknown said…
I love that!!

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