Day 51~ 1 Cor. 10-12

Boy!  I have read through the New Testament a few times now and I haven’t yet put much thought into 10:14-22,….until now.
Maybe because I am also reading the O.T., so the sacrifices of the Levitical times are fresh in my mind right now.

“Do not those who eat the sacrifices participate in the alter? (10:18)
My footnote reads, “When the people of Israel ate part of the sacrifice made at the alter, they participated in the worship of God, who established the sacrifices and whose alter it was.”

Bringing the sacrifice and burning it, atoned for sin, but eating part of the sacrifice was worshipping God.  How poetic of Jesus to then institute communion for us.  Eating ‘part of him’ is participating in the sacrifice.  
I never saw it like this before!  I am not eating communion just to remember Him and what He did on the cross, I am eating communion as a form of worship.  

I love getting a new understanding of God’s Word as I read everyday!


Rapster J said…
Yes, I have never really got that either- so many layers!
I like how you said, "so many layers". That is so true!

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