Day 49~ 1 Corinthians 4-6

OK- Did you feel uncomfortable, at all, when reading 5:9-11?
I think, in our culture, we have moved away from this teaching all together.  This would be something we would say the extreme Amish practice, but we modern evangelicals do not.  What do you think?  Am I wrong?  Have you seen this put into practice?

Judging is an interesting topic and it seems Paul is trying hard to clarify how to do it.

In 4:3, Paul is talking about teachers “entrusted with the secret things of God.”  He cares very little about human judgment toward his teaching.  He states, “It is the Lord who judges me.”

Then Paul hits on the topic of judging sinful actions of Christians (5:3).  He clarifies that we don’t judge those outside the church, only those inside (5:12).  He gives two reasons why it is important to do so:
First, it is so the sinner might have a chance to repent and be saved (5:5) and
Second, so that his sin doesn’t permeate the whole church (5:6).

Yet, even knowing the logic, does the church do this today?......

I think we have adopted more of a mentality to just love and let the Lord do all the convicting. (But is that loving?) As a result we have people spread all over the church, living in their sin, not realizing they need to repent and as a result, the church has a hypocritical reputation.  (I know… I am sounding harsh, and maybe generalizing too much, but that is the reality of it and I know you would agree!)

I don’t know the solution other than to tell people, “Keep reading your Bible!”  If all Christians had scripture fresh in their mind….we all might start living more like how it is instructing us to live.

Fortunately, 1 & 2 Corinthians (2 letters to the same church) were both written! It’s a good thing the second letter wasn’t lost to us- people living 2000 years later.   We would have been left hanging….
This first letter we are reading, teaches how to expel that sin-filled brother, but the second letter teaches how to restore him after he has repented (2 Cor. 2:7). God has given us the full instruction manual!! We can keep loving that brother in the most sincere way!  (Like the theme verse to this blog!! Romans 12:9)
“Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.”


Anne said…
I agree, Anita. And thank you again for encouraging us to stay in the Word. Hosea 4:6 says "My people are being destroyed because they don't know me." NLT. Proverbs 10:21 says "The lips of the righteous feed many. But fools die for lack of understanding." May that not be said of us. We have been washed in the blood of Christ, we have been sanctified (set apart, made holy) and we are justified in the name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:11). We have been bought at a price and now we are called to walk worthy and glorify God in our bodies and in our spirits (1 Cor. 6:20). No better place to start than in the Word. Abiding in Christ and living for Him. Not by power, not by might, but by my Spirit says the Lord. Dear Jesus, please help me to walk by the Spirit every hour of every day so that I do not gratify the desires of the flesh. Amen.
Rapster J said…
I do think many churches are careful about the people in leadership- if they are in a sinful lifestyle, they are removed or asked to step down, or not allowed the position in the first place. ( I can think of several examples of churches around here) But for sinful people in the general congregation, we should be exhorted by our leaders towards holiness and repentance and conviction by the Holy Spirit.
Amen to that prayer, Anne!
And, yes, Julie, I agree we should be exhorted by our leaders.
Lord, I pray that your Holy Spirit teaches/convicts us believers and those who may become believers to walk in such a way that would not give the church a bad wrap!

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