Day 33~ Acts 4-6

Acts 4:23 is titled “The Believers Prayer” in my study Bible.
I love that pattern of prayer!  Start with the big picture.  Start with what you know! God is BIG! 

They raised their voices together in prayer to God.  “Sovereign Lord, you made the heaven and the earth and the sea, and everything in them. You spoke by the Holy Spirit…..”
Then they bring their prayer to the present…”Now, Lord, consider…”

I have noticed in my reading of the Old Testament that believers back then also started prayers/supplications/praises by placing God in his proper position; “Creator of Heaven and earth..” (Psalm 121:2)
Jonah proclaims God this way (1:9)
David prayed/sang that way (Psalm 115:15,146:6)
Jeremiah professes it (51:15)
A king writing to Solomon recognized it (2 Chron. 2:12)
Isaiah reminds us (42:5)
That"s just name a few!!!

These early Christians in Acts were praying just as Jesus instructed them in Matt 6:9.  They were putting God in his rightful place.  “Father who art in heaven…”

When you start your prayers with that perspective, then, when you get to your petitions you are aware and confident that they can be easily handled by a Big God and taken care of according to His will.


Rapster J said…
That's cool, all the Old Testament references!

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