Day 32~ Acts1-3

Hello Fellow readers!
You finished the gospels! Now on to Acts......

Acts 2:40, “With many other words he (Peter) warned them; and he pleaded with them, ‘save yourselves from this corrupt generation.’ Those who accepted his message were baptized…”
This verse stood out to me for two reasons.
1.) The message has not changed.  It’s the exact same message that nonbelievers need to hear today.
2.)The delivers of that message (us believers today) have changed.  I am going to be bold here in saying that a vast majority of believers don’t want to use “many other words”, “warn” people and “plead with them”.  We like the safety of “lifestyle evangelism”.  But let me ask you, do you know anyone, using lifestyle evangelism, who added 3000 to their number that day?

This reminds me of part of the theme verse of this blog.  “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord.” (Rom. 12:11) 

I think I need to exhibit a little bit more zeal in my evangelism, like my mentor, Peter did.


Rapster J said…
I agree. It's hard to get the discussion started and I tend to come across legalistic, opinionated- which is not loving. Lord, help me have such love that people hear the message from love, not judgement!
Why is being opinionated not loving? It is exactly out of love that we share our "opinion". Others, who are not believers will say, "Well, that is your opinion". But we know it to be truth! It is VERY loving to share that truth regardless if they feel you are being too "opinionated".
From my point of view.....good for you, if you have been accused of being opinionated! That means you put your light on a stand for all to see. They just don't like the light!

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