Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 4- Matt. 10-12

Hello and welcome to day 4!  I hope you are getting into a groove in your reading.  I wanted to let you know that you are kind’a in a Bible study with about 30 other people doing the same reading as you!!!  Some are brand new at reading the Bible in a consistent way and others are seasoned readers.  I want to remind you that this forum is a great way to get answers to questions you may have about the reading we are doing.  If I don’t know the answer, I will track down the best Bible based answer possible and pass it on to you. Or someone here my have the answer.
Here is where the old saying applies, “No questions is a bad question".  If you have a question, odds are someone else in this group has the same one, but didn’t want to ask it.  So, please ask, comment and respond away!  Participation is welcome!!

That being said, the verse that stuck out to me in this reading was 10:22, “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”  I just got really sad for Judas while I read this.  The whole of Ch. 10 is Jesus speaking to the 12 that he was sending out. Judas was apart of that.. Judas went into towns and spoke words to people (vs. 14) and he was hated for it.  He even went out at the risk of being arrested and flogged (vs. 17). In Luke 9:6, it states they were healing people everywhere.  Judas was a part of that!

But sadly, he did not stand firm to the end. How utterly sad! 😞


Keri Sukut said...

The words that jumped off the page at me yesterday were again repeated in todays reading "I desire mercy not sacrifice". Jesus says it twice which makes me take pause. Its such a great reminder of how important it is that Jesus wants our hearts to be right with Him above all things. It is only then that our deeds (or sacrifices)are good and Holy. Only when I submit myself fully to God's love and mercy can I love others the way he loves me. His love is what makes me Holy not my actions in and of themselves. So I'm thinking that although Judas went through all of the right motions like the other disciples his heart was never right.

Leanne Sheward said...

Keri - off subject, but are you related to Kelly summit Stafford?

Leanne Sheward said...

Siri. Kelly sukut Stafford