Luke 13-19- More in the Trinity and a good Reminder to be Thankful!

Hello to all of you New Testament Readers! Below you will find two links to yesterday morning's talks.   The first is "Part 2" of talking about the Trinity.   The second is Michelle's talk encouraging Thankfulness. I am also including a link to a funny, 4 minute, satire regarding the Trinity.  I highly recommend that if you didn't hear the talk yesterday, you wait on watching the satire until after watch the above video on the Trinity.  It won't be as funny if you don't have some background on the subject. I hope you see the humor in it.  If you find any part offensive, sorry about that!  I guess that leaves me with a sick sense of humor! Haha!! I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your loved ones!! We all have so much to be thankful for.  One thing I am thankful for is that I have a Bible, in my possession, that I can open anytime I want, and

Luke 6-12- Part one on the Trinity, and let you light shine!

 Hey to everyone who is reading along with us in Luke!! I hope you are having a fabulous week despite the drama going on in our country!  I felt such comfort this week as I did my reading and realized, God never changes!  Our own president of the United States can change every 4- 8 years, but the Lord NEVER changes!! Woohoo!  That brought me great comfort this week!  So, here is the link to the speakers today at CBR.  I hope you enjoy it as a supplement to your own reading! God bless you this week as we continue to read Luke! 

Mark 15 -Luke 5- An eternal perspective.

 What a week!!  With what is happening in our country right now, it is perfect timing to hear how history evolves (all to the glory of God) and to be reminded how having an eternal perspective is paramount!! If you have time to hear the talks, here is the link: Happy reading!!

Mark 8-14- Have you ever heard of a Markan Sandwich?

Hello all, we only have a couple chapters of Mark left and I decided to get some background info on the guy!  In my search I discovered something I had never heard of, a Markan Sandwich!  I am so glad I understand what that is now, because, wow, did it bring new insight into scripture I had never seen before! If you want to hear more, click on the link.  In addition, Sharon encourages us to pray even though we may have doubts.  Very encouraging! Have a great week reading the end of Mark and getting into Luke! 

Mark 1-7- Are there contradictions in the Bible? Why share a testimony?

Hello New Testament Readers!  I hope you are enjoying Mark chapter 9 today!  Two great topics were covered yesterday in CBR related to Mark. Here are the links if you care to watch.  Kim was very inspiring!    Part 1: Part 2:

Matthew 22-28- The fall of Jerusalem, the Greatest Command and the Great Commission.

 Wow!! Can you believe we are already done with Matthew?  That was quick and super interesting!! So much was covered this past week.  I hope you found some new "pearls" to dwell on. In Community Bible Reading this morning, I focused the history portion on Ch. 24~ Jerusalem destroyed.  Michelle on the other hand focused on the Greatest Command and the Great Commission.  Each video is about 20 min.  Hope you enjoy! Comment if you so desire.  I would love to dialog with you!

Matthew 15-21- Why Moses and Elijah?

Hello fellow New Testament Readers! How is the reading going for you??  One more week and we are already done with Matthew! As you kow I am leading a group called CBR on Tuesday mornings.  I thought I would include the link to the talks that take place there because it goes with our reading here.  However, we have utterly failed at our attempts to get good recordings!  Today, we didn't even get a recording!! Arg!! 😖 There is so much to say about the reading, it would be great to share what Sharon talked about!   I did, however, re-record my "history" portion of the morning.  If you are interested in history, I hope you enjoy what is said in the following link:   Also, please feel free to talk about what YOU got out of the reading!  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!